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Mont Marin / San Rafael Park Neighborhood Association
Neighborhood Response Team

    Mont Marin / San Rafael Park Neighborhood Association residents are invited to participate in our volunteer effort to improve personal & family disaster preparedness by attending our regular Neighborhood ResponseTeam meetings. 

    With the support of San Rafael Office of Emergency Services, Marinwood Fire Department, County Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) and more, we have tentatively sectored our homeowners association's neighborhood into easily walked zones that will be assigned to local resident ‘Block Captains’. 

    These folks will have attended some preparedness classes, and will

        - meet neighbors near their own homes,
        - pass out helpful preparedness handouts,
        - learn what your family’s special needs and contact information that might be in case of a disaster.

    They will do their best to check on your home if there is a Quake or other disaster – to see what help you might need. That information would be routed as quickly as possible to available first responders.  

    Although some of us have taken CERT classes or similar training – we are not firefighters nor paramedics. We are your neighbors, and 

               WE NEED MANY MORE NEIGHBORS – just like you – 
                           TO BECOME A PART OF OUR EFFORT.              

    Not all of our ‘block areas’ are yet assigned – so please do look at the map above, and let us know where you live, and if you might be able to help this neighborhood effort. Please email us at  If you have questions, you can all John Rojas, MMSRPNA President, at 415-479-9229, or Frank Cox, organizing volunteer at 415-472-3764.  

    Our next meeting is:  

     WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 24th 2016 7- 8:30pm 

    At the Senior Access Center, 70 Skyview Terrace, SR CA, 94903

    Email us and let us know if you can come!

    In the meantime, please take a look at the excellent Marin County disaster preparedness website:  You’ll find: 

        Easy downloadable checklists of how to prepare yourself & your family, 
        •Downloadable Get Ready Marin and CERT manuals with class schedules, 
        •Special instructions for kids, families, seniors, pets and much more ….

    Now is the time to prepare ourselves, our families, and our communities! 



Meetings of Critical importance to our community are marked in red.  Your attendance is needed.

Our next MM/SRPNA Board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 8, 2016.  Contact John Rojas for details.

Neighborhood Response Team Meeting:

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 24th 2016 7-8:30pm 

At the Senior Access Center, 70 Skyview Terrace, SR CA, 94903

Senior Access provides a daytime activity program for older adults with memory loss and supports family caregivers with education and respite. For more information about Senior Access, visit our website at:
Mission Statement 
Effectively communicate with our neighbors and local municipalities to provide a safe and secure Mont Marin, Montevideo Terrace and San Rafael Park.
Contact Information:
John Rojas - President
Phone: 415-479-9229
Mont Marin/San Rafael Park Neighborhood Association

 Over 50 residents in our neighborhood and over 350 residents in the City of San Rafael
 have taken advantage of the San Rafael Fire Department's 
free chipper and collection program.

July 3, 2015 ​

San Rafael Fire Department 

has released seven hundred goats in 

Jerry Russom Park 

to eliminate the 
hazardous fire potential of dry weeds.